Wednesday, October 26, 2005


It came

in my Inbox at 5:06pm My time. The confirmation of my "Lift-off" submission but I got in about 2o min ago and and checked my email So at least they have it. That's out the door at last.

Right now, I'm working on "High Risk Assesment"and that's my story project for November. I hope to have the first edit done and rough draft out of the way by Nov 30th and shave off 1,292 words so the story comes in at just about under 5k.




went out the door about 5 min ago to Strange horizons. I'll report back when I have received a notification from them that they received my submission.


Monday, October 24, 2005


First story

submission in almost 10 years. The story Lift-Off is almost ready for submission. Going out to "Strange Horizons" this week. First story sent out by email.

Also, I created a My music Blog but it's proving difficult to get a link in my Template to register in my sidebar.



Lets try this again

I hope I won't need to use word verification everytime I log into the new blog



Welcome to the New What's new page

Come back to this site to check for anything New. Here, I'll be posting such things as story submissions, story results , good and bad news and even story excerpts until they get published that is. Also in this Blog, there will be from time to time links to where you can read the full story, online or otherwise.

This week "Lift-Off" goes out the door until I can find an apropiate market for it. I'll be posting an excerpt from the story sometime this week. Stay tuned.

e. Jim

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